Digital Health

2017 1st Place in Parkinson’s Disease Digital Biomarker Challenge

Predicting Parkinson's Disease patients based on accelerometer/gyrometer data on mobiles

2018 1st Place in PhysioNet ‘You Snooze- You Win’ Challenge

Predicting Sleep Arousal based on ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, and SaO2


2014 1st Place in Alzheimer’s Big Data Challenge

Brain Image Prediction of MMSE

2016 Gold Medal in Data Science Bowl Heart Left Ventricle Segmentation

Segmentation and volumn calculation for left ventricle using heart CT

2016 Winning Algorithm in DREAM Digital Mammography Challenge -Sub-challenge 2

Breast cancer detection

2018 Gold Medal in Data Science Bowl Cell nuclei segmentation

Cell nuclei counting and segmentation


2013 1st Place in DREAM Breast Cancer Network Inference - sub3

Phosphorylation protein level changes upon different drug pertubation

2015 1st Place in DREAM Olfaction Challenge.

Predicting the smell based on chemical structures

2016 1st Place in AstraZenaca Sanger Drug Combination Prediction Challenge.

Predicting cancer drug synergy based on genomics and chemical structures

Clinical Informatics

2014 1st Place in Alzheimer’s Disease Big Data Challenge

Predicting MMSE decline based on genetics and clinical information

2014 1st Place in Rheumatoid Arthritis DREAM Challenge

Predicting changes of pain scores based on genetics, clinical and drug information

2015 1st Place in Prostate Cancer Challenge - Sub 2

Predicting treatment discontinuity due to adverse events

2015 1st Place in Prize4Life ALS Challenge

Model for ALS survival

2017 1st Place in Multiple Myeloma DREAM Challenge - sub 3

Model for Multiple Myeloma survival


2014 1st Place in DREAM Broad Institute Gene Essentiality Challenge - sub 2

Predicting the essentiality of a gene in cancer cell growth

2016 1st Place in ICGC-TCGA somatic mutation calling Challenge - Tumor Heterogeneity

Deconvolute tumor heterogeneity, tumor population composition

2017 1st Place in ENCODE Transcription Factor Binding Prediction DREAM Challenge

Predicting transcription factor binding sites

2018 1st Place in NCI-CPTAC DREAM Proteomics Challenge

Imputing missing proteins, predicting protein abundance, predicting phosphoprotein abundance